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Basics of Botanical Research (Pts 1 and 2)

Narrative Medicine/Health Psychology

Building the Healing Hut: Advice for New Diagnoses and Related Plot Twists

Narrative medicine in the practitioner-client interaction

Botanicals & Mycologicals

Turkey Tail Mushrooms and the Antifragility of the Immune System (PDF)

Douglas-fir monograph

Hawthorn monograph

Alder monograph

Reishi monograph

Rosemary monograph

Medical Anthropology

Does the cultural use of local plants enable coping with diabetes and generational trauma in Salish tribal communities? A qualitative case study. (Graduate Thesis, Antioch University Seattle, 2012)

Shaming & Blaming: The Adverse Effects of Conventional Disease Etiologies

Is health a right or a privilege?

Framing Health in a Context of Interconnectedness

Ecological Medicine and the Grey Area of Individual Treatment and Systemic Change

On the History of Herbals

Tradition is Innovation and Other Useful Paradoxes

Are Herbs Still the Peoples’ Medicine? A Literature Review


  • HerbGeek on the future of integrative herbal medicine.
  • A discussion with the folks at Poppyswap, where I share some information and background on the Olympia Free Herbal Clinic and issues facing community herbalism.
  • Ann Armbrecht, Ph.D. and I talked about my recent work with a Salish ethnobotanical education program, as well as larger issues of traditional medicine and community healing. Check it out here.