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Posts tagged ‘systems’

On Diets and Black Swans

Figuring out what to eat is hard. And it’s getting harder. We have more chronic health conditions, more nutrition research, and more food options. The omnivore’s dilemma is real, and it lives in nearly everyone seeking to heal themselves through food.

A recent news story on NPR asserted that Paleolithic people were making flour as far back as 32000 years ago. This new fact disturbs our understanding of paleolithic diets. Reactions on social media include, “Wow! I can have oats on my paleo diet!,” “Yes! I can have flour again!!,” and similar expressions of relief. Read more

The Systemic Theory of Living Systems and Relevance to CAM

To my delight, I’ve found a 3-part article that actually addresses the systems view of biological systems in relation to medicine practice and design. This piece comes to us from José A. Olalde Rangel of Adaptogenic Educational Medical Centers and the Venezuelan Association of Systemic Medicine in Caracas. Originally a lecture series, it was published in 2005 by the Oxford University Press. Below is an excerpt to get you to open the full texts (posted here: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3).

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