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Joe’s Cyborg & Other Posthuman Curiosities

I wrote this piece exclusively for the March 2010 issue of Second Nature Journal of RMIT’s School of Media and Communication in Melbourne. The theme of the issue is Superhuman: Revolution of the Species. I will post a link when it’s released. Enjoy!

Humans. I can go on forever wondering about them. In my mind I zoom out as far as possible to see the shape of Humanity. I turn it on its sides to understand its dimensions, what it stands on. I think of the shape of Humanity, about the edges and boundaries of the collective human psyche. What is the core of the Human self? If we can potentially conceive of a shape to Humanity, how does its shape affect its movements?

While these are all rather provocative musings, the thing that really fascinates me is where Humanity’s head is turned. Where on the horizon does Humanity fix its gaze? With these ponderings, it’s easy to wander into the posthumanism dialogue. It is within this dialogue that the Cyborg lives.

By definition, a posthuman is a being that is so advanced compared to today’s human that it is entirely unrecognizable. Its abilities, biological makeup and genetic composition far supersede that of the present human. Posthumanism offers some possibilities for the human future: hybridization of man and machine, immortality, the abolition of suffering, technological singularity, creating our own successors, controlling our own evolution, and so on. All very interesting ideas. However, over the last few decades, the Cyborg has gripped popular Western culture as the image and direction of Humanity’s evolution. Read more