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Infernal Proteus: A Musical Herbal

The herbalist Karyn Sanders gathered a bunch of artist and music folk to compile an album of songs about plants. This 96-page book contains 40 songs about plants–each from a different artist. Each band chose a plant to compose a song around. From her site:

The musical styles cover an equally as diverse spectrum as that of the art encompassing sounds considered to be of the genres: pop, folk, gothic, electronic, ambient, experimental, industrial and ingenious.

A sampling of the flora included: Belladonna, Beech, Borage, Chrysanthemum, Dandelion, Edelweiss, Ginkgo, Hops, Lily of the Valley, Mandrake, Milk Thistle, Myrtle, Oak, Poison Ivy, Redwood, Sundew, Yarrow, and Yew.

This came out a few years ago, so most readers will already be familiar with this project, but I just couldn’t resist including it in these blog pages. I very much enjoy listening to everyone’s interpretations of the plants, especially artists I already listened to (Allerseelen, In Gowan Ring, Waldteufel). A great project!