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Posts tagged ‘complexity’

Framing Health in a Context of Interconnectedness

Regeneration (2011) by Toshiyuki Enoki

It’s a terribly chilly day here in Olympia. I’ve spent most of the day at my desk, drinking puerh tea, brow furrowed in intense contemplation over some aspects of my developing thesis. I’m exploring the question of the contribution of ethnobotanical knowledge & practices to public health and I face a number of challenges. And chief of these challenges is dealing with the conceptual frame and definition of health itself. Read more

Tradition is Innovation & Other Useful Paradoxes

Lately I’ve been really curious about what’s considered innovative in mainstream healthcare. I have my views and visions for what I think are good next steps for a sound health system–one based in communities and ecosystems, that takes into account ecological and animal health, based on positive health principles and prevention. But hey, that’s me, I wanted to what the people actually working on healthcare reform are talking about. Read more

The Network Art and Science of Cesar Hidalgo

Cesar Hidalgo is a Research Fellow at Harvard University’s Center for International Development. Over the years he’s done a lot with applying the science of networks to the global economy (and mapping product spaces of various nations and states) and researched mobility in networks. But what really has me excited is how he approaches networks as objects of art (see more here).