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Spring Workshops Series at the Olympia Free Herbal Clinic

If you’re in Olympia WA and looking to deepen your knowledges & skills of Spring plants, don’t miss this series! Classes are $20 each, or $75 for all 5. I’ll be doing Spring immune support on 4/19, with a special focus on medicinal mushrooms & alterative herbs.

Classes held held at the Olympia Free Herbal Clinic, 203 4th ave, Downtown Olympia. Email [email protected] to register.

April 5th 2-4p- Spring Herbal Medicine Making with Sean Croke

April 12th 2-4p- Wild Spring Greens with Elise Krohn

April 19th 2-4p- Spring Immune Support with Renee Davis

April 26th 2-4p- Spring: The Uprising… with Joyce Netishen

May 3rd 2-4p- Growing Medicinal Herbs in the Pacific North West with Claire Ethier and Ingrid Abbot, location TBA.

Sprng workshop flyers

SoulSpace: Olympia’s new wellness center!

Find me at Olympia’s new wellness center, SoulSpace, at 1714 4th Ave E in East Olympia. Beginning with our December 1 launch I’ll be anchoring my practice there along with several other practitioners. Read more

Trees, Humans & Healing: Alder, Douglas-fir & Hawthorn

I presented a workshop titled Trees, Humans & Healing: Alder, Douglas-fir & Hawthorn yesterday at the 2nd Dandelion Seed Conference in Olympia, WA. Though I was sick (with a kidney infection! Argh!), it was a fantastic 2 hours spent with these 3 locally abundant & important tree species.

So why trees as opposed to a general discussion on plants? There’s something a bit different that sets them apart. Trees occupy a special space in our imagination & hearts. Their size & reach for the sky confers a sense of majesty, and the joining of earth & sky. Their long lifespan makes them an instrumental aspect of surroundings & landmarks and provides a sense of continuity that spans generations. Many traditions & cultures employ trees (and related metaphor & imagery) in their spiritual traditions and cosmos. And the branching patterns characteristic of trees are seen in many biological : ecoogical forms: rivers, veins, neurons, etc. So trees touch something deep. They also meet our physical needs with food, shelter, and medicine.

Trees & forests play a critical role in global ecological balance. They produce oxygen, remediate soil, prevent erosion, provide shade, and regulate the global weather. And we’re rapidly changing forests. At the end of the last Ice Age, about half of our planet was forested. Now it’s less than a third, with most deforestation occurring in the last few decades. There are ecological and, arguably, spiritual consequences to this rapid loss of forest ecosystems. And there are public health concerns too–increased exposure to zoonotic infections, poorer air quality, nutrient transition, and others. And, in the Pacific Northwest, our temperate rainforests are special–they have more biomass per hectare than anywhere on Earth.

So as we’re considering community and socioecological health, tree medicine & forests are a necessary component of this conversation.

Feel free to send an email for the notes here. (I’ll also be posting the monographs for these trees over the next several days.)

Registration Open for the 2nd Annual Dandelion Seed Conference


Join us in Olympia October 11-13 for 3 full days of workshops about herbalism for community & social healing: clinical skills, nutrition, medicinal mushrooms, herbs for children & elders, transgendered health, and more! (Including a workshop on Tree Medicine by yours truly!) Advance tickets are $100 before 9/1 ($150 thereafter), full schedule & registration link at See you there!

Save the date: the 2013 Dandelion Seed Conference is here!

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The Gathering Basket: A Rustic Newsletter about Plants and the Seasons of Light

Herbalism and plant traditions are a vital aspect of our connection to place and community. I am therefore extremely excited and very proud to announced that The Gathering Basket: A Rustic Newsletter about Plants and the Seasons of Light launced this weekend in Olympia, WA. Founded and written by herbalists Joyce Netishen of Fire Rose Farm and Corinne Boyer of Opal’s Apothecary, this newsletter features articles on Rose, Yarrow, the season and medicines of Summer, flower essences, local wildcrafting, and more. There are many original recipes by Corinne and Joyce (Raspberry-osewater sorbet? Lemon balm ice cream w/ honey & lemon zest?!). I can attest to these divine creations of apothecary and kitchen. Joyce and Corinne are truly masterful medicine makers and chefs.  Read more

Spring Workshops presented by the Olympia Free Herbal Clinic

Hey all, happy Spring! Words can’t express the elation brought by the sunshine, blooming trees, skunk cabbage and warm breezes.

I’m continuing my writing hiatus as I’m focusing on my health, which is the reason posts have been sparse lately. I hope to be back at it in a few weeks. In the meantime, check out the free workshops we’re presenting this Spring. All classes are free, open to the public, and take place at the beautiful Evergreen State College.